My name is Rebecca and I have been a Kelowna resident for the past eight years. I love this city and am proud to now call it home. The story of my journey to this point is a bit of a unique one. While I have always had a passion for the arts, that part of me was put on hold when I made the choice to fulfill a different dream and become a member of the RCMP at 22 years old. On October 1, 2017, while attending the Route 91 Harvest Festival in Las Vegas, my life and my perspective of what is truly important completely shifted. That night my husband and I witnessed unimaginable terror and tragedy. When I returned home I took time off from work and tried to comprehend what I had experienced, what I had seen, and how lucky I was to still be alive. This time off from the only career I had ever known for 14 years gave me the distance and peace I needed to re-evaluate my life and where it was going. Ironically, I believe that the tragic night in Las Vegas ultimately saved my life and allowed me to reconnect with not only my artistic passions, but life itself. This is how I fell into flowers. The beauty and art of floristry have made me happy every day. I have spent the last 1.5 years taking classes, volunteering at a local flower shop, and obtained a Certificate in Floristry at the Okanagan College in 2019. As I continued to heal and be brutally honest with myself about which direction my life was headed, I decided I wanted to take charge and become an entrepreneur who now spent her days bringing joy to people in her community. Flowers are a living art and bring with them strong emotions if done well. They are more than just flowers, they are also a feeling.

With all this in mind I decided it was time to combine all my passions in life. I want to be genuine, authentic, and comforting. When people purchase flowers from Old School Petals I want the experience to be fun, joyful, and hassle free. I believe in this community and I want to connect with those I share it with. I want to create joy in a way that also protects the environment as much as possible when creating fresh floral designs. The purchase of my retro 1974 Ford Econoline complete with original 1970’s drapes (!!) was the birth of Old School Petals. A paint job, some decaling, and the addition of an awning means we are ready to pop up all over the city while partnering with local businesses to spread the love. We hope to become a recognizable and friendly face around the city. If nothing else I guarantee my van will bring a smile to your face when you see it around town. As we grow I can’t wait implement some of the exciting ideas I have in order to give back to the community and the environment.


Old School Petals cares about the environment and the community. It’s our mission to provide the freshest local flowers with a twist the Okanagan has never seen. We strive to create a fun and easy floral experience while doing our best to preserve the environment and improve the floral industry.

You won’t find any chemicals in our arrangements; no fancy leaf sprays, dyed flowers, or painted flowers. We also believe that floral foam found in some traditional arrangements is obsolete and we will not be filling up landfills with it. We believe that flowers are most beautiful in their natural state and that we don’t need to use chemicals or other artificial enhancements to augment them.


Wherever you come by and see us, whether at a market or a pop-up shop, you will be walking away with a beautiful and fresh arrangement that is free of single use plastic. Mason jars will be available for a $2.00 deposit at markets and pop ups. If you bring them back we will refund your $2.00! If you want to keep re-using your mason jar, bring it with you and we will offer 5% off your next purchase and you save more by not paying for another jar.

When you order from our store, we will have all kinds of funky and creative vases or containers to create your masterpiece, but should you choose to bring your own vase, we will give you 5% off your order.

Have too many vases kicking around your house collecting dust? Old School Petals accepts donations and every time you donate vases that can be re-used we will give you 10% off your next purchase! Together we can help rid the planet of single use plastics one re-usable vase at a time!